February 2017

10 Must Have Luxury Additions to Include in Your Kitchen Design

Whether you are an avid cook yourself or you want a luxurious accommodation for your home’s personal chef, luxury finishes make a world of difference in your kitchen design. There is no exact definition of “luxury” in the design book, but there are some features that are only seen in high-end models. With the right [...]

The Ultimate Kitchen Design Team: General Contractor or Interior Designer?

When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, you probably have a plethora of designs running through your head. To make your dreams become a reality, you’ll need a professional. However, it can be hard to differentiate between a general contractor and interior designer for your new kitchen design. Both do overlap in certain aspects, [...]

5 Quick Ways to Find Perfect Interior Designers in Auckland for Your Project

Thinking of bringing in a professional to help you design the perfect home? Perhaps you need someone who can help you pinpoint your ideal style and stretch it across your interior design plan. No matter the extensiveness of the job, or the minute details that you want to be addressed, working with the right interior [...]

January 2017

5 Ways to Revive a Worn-Out Space with Award-Winning Kitchen Design

If your kitchen is looking tired, it might be time for a face-lift. You may be wary or hesitant to remodel the entire room, but there are ways to update without completely dismantling everything. In truth, fantastic, award-winning kitchen design doesn’t always start from scratch. Sometimes, a room just needs some polishing to shine with [...]

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas from Your Interior Designer in Auckland

A kitchen without good storage is not a pleasant place to cook or hang out. For one thing, a lack of organization and an excess of clutter makes finding what you need, right when you need it, more difficult. This can slow down your cooking and baking. For another thing, a kitchen lacking storage is [...]

Interior Design Secrets for a Chef-Worthy Kitchen

A kitchen designed for a chef is one you know works wonderfully for cooking. Chefs have more specific cooking requirements than the average homeowner, because, well, they're professionals. Their kitchens need to live up to their high standards as well as vigorous cooking. If you desire a kitchen that's easy to use, well-equipped, durable, and [...]

How to Mix Materials for Effortlessly Stylish Kitchen Design

If you want your kitchen to look anything but cookie-cutter, there's a design trick that kicks things up a notch. Take your kitchen design from bland, boring, and same-y to original, interesting, and sophisticated. All it requires are some key choices when you're picking out materials, finishes, and colours. Take your cues from a kitchen [...]

9 Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Designer Before Jumping into Remodelling

There’s no question that, for many homeowners, a kitchen remodel can seem daunting, not to mention intimidating. There are so many details to attend to, choices to make, and factors to consider. You also need to hire the right people who can see your vision through to completion, making it a reality. Not to worry: [...]

Inspirations for New Kitchen Design: Where to Look

If you want to remodel your kitchen but don’t know where to start, there’s a way to get inspired. Open your mind and think outside the box. Think about places, landscapes, colours, and items you love. Think about your favourite season, your favourite flower, or a beloved vacation spot. For more ideas for creativity and [...]

5 Tips to Transform a Small Kitchen Design

Small kitchens can be difficult to design – but not impossible. In fact, you can take a small, cramped kitchen and turn it into a space that feels airy, bright, and larger than it is. There are some tricks to making it happen, however. A small kitchen needs some extra TLC to truly come into [...]

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