January 2017

Expert Interior Design Advice for a New Kitchen Renovation

When you’re redesigning your kitchen, you may have your eye on all the visual elements: wall colours, tile, cabinet colours, door knobs and handles, and flooring. These are all important, but practical concerns need to be at the top of your list, too. A kitchen that looks pretty but doesn’t function well is useless. You [...]

December 2016

Interior Design Discounts: Does Your Design Package Include Them?

If you work at a sporting goods store, you probably get discounts on the merchandise. If you work at a restaurant, you likely get one free meal per shift. And if you're an interior designer, you probably have access to all sorts of great interior design discounts and deals. Today, it's more common than ever [...]

Site Drawings 101: What to Expect During Auckland Interior Designs

When it comes to the pricing of your interior design projects, one thing that can have a significant impact is site drawings. When a designer starts a project, they don't just go in blind, hoping that their intuition and experience will guide them towards making the right calculations and choices. Instead, designers construct a series [...]

Having Your Interior Design Specialist Out to Evaluate Your Site

One of the most common things people forget during the kitchen remodel process is to have their interior design specialist out to see the site before construction begins. Although most interior designers will draw up a plan of what the pros kitchen will look like, many don't ever venture to the site before work begins. [...]

“What Does That Cost?” How Designers Charge for Kitchen Design

When it's time to re-design your kitchen, one of the first things you're likely to wonder about is cost. Regardless of how large or small your budget is, cost determines what you're able to do in the kitchen space and helps you understand how much leeway you have to get creative. If you've worked with [...]

The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Kitchen Designer for Your Interior Design Project

Interior design specialists have all been through some sort of schooling to help them get where they are professionally. While the institutions and programs they’ve attended will vary, interior design is a profession that requires certification. If you’re in the midst of a kitchen design, however, you might want to start looking for someone who [...]

The Importance of References for Interior Design in Auckland

When it comes time to redesign your kitchen, it’s critical to find a team you can trust. This is especially true if you don’t have much time, and want to leave the project in their hands. Unfortunately, many people wind up with a team that makes interior design in Auckland more difficult rather than less. [...]

How to Evaluate a Kitchen Design Portfolio

So, you’ve found an interior designer you like, and you’ve asked to see their kitchen design portfolio…but you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. If you’re like most homeowners, you know what you like, but you’re a little unfamiliar with the process of interior design. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to evaluate a [...]

The Big Question: ‘How Long Have You Worked in Interior Design?’

When it comes to finding an interior design specialist to handle your kitchen overhaul, it pays to spend the time needed to find someone you can trust. In addition to the fact that trustworthy designers do a better job on a quicker timeline, they can also put your mind at ease about the trajectory and [...]

November 2016

Qualities of Award-Winning Auckland Interior Designs

When considering having your home resigned by an Auckland interior designer, it’s important to know the qualities of a great design. There are many techniques designers incorporate into the spaces they remodel, but what’s behind those decisions? How do they come together? Many interior designers have created award-winning designs that involve some of the same [...]

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