November 2016

5 Tips to Transform a Small Kitchen

The heart of the home—the kitchen—comes in many shapes and sizes. Many families want large kitchens, perfect for big gatherings and elaborate cooking routines. But for some, small kitchens are the way to go. Like many others, you chose a home with a small kitchen because you can’t spend much time there. Your career and [...]

October 2016

Expert Advice for a New Kitchen Renovation

Which part of the home is the perfect place to combine design and function? It’s a space some might call the heart of the home—the room in which a great design plan can make basic functions come to life. It’s the kitchen—and it’s the room you’ve wanted to remodel for years. You’ve brought your experience [...]

Killer Trends in Interior Design in Auckland

Sure, you can scroll the boards of Pinterest and scour the magazine articles for ideas, but your best bet for getting a killer design that suits your Auckland home is to use an interior designer from here. Not only will a local Auckland designer create a look that’s specifically tailored to your tastes, but you’ll [...]

Mal Corboy Kitchen Design Tips: Using Social Skills For Your Design

Trying to create a beautiful kitchen can be a real struggle. There are innumerable blogs and books on the topics and trying to sort through all the jargon and lingo can be tough. Working through the designs, especially when you’re not skilled in that area is near impossible. So what do most people do? They [...]

Find the Perfect Interior Designer in Auckland to Fit Your Needs

There is a wide range of designers who will offer their services to you; If you need some work done on your home or you need a kitchen designer, picking from among the group can be challenging. Who’s the best? Which work comes under budget? Who has a solid reputation?  Those are all solid questions, [...]

Choosing Intelligent Kitchen Designs in Auckland

You might use the study in your home twice a week. There might be entire days where no enter goes into the den. You might have a spare guest room that only gets used occasionally. But every single day you use, enjoy, and spend time in your kitchen. It’s the centre of your home. It’s [...]

March 2016

Modenus Blog Tour 2015 of KBIS Vegas – Home show on steroids!

Photography by Chasen West. I was very fortunate to be invited to be part of the @Modenus #BlogTourVegas in January 2015, not only because I was able to attend the KBIS/IBS exhibition to see what new things were coming to the market in America, but I also had the opportunity to meet fellow [...]

February 2015

Shed some light on the subject

It won’t come as any surprise but until recently, last 5 to 10 years, lighting in the kitchen mainly consisted of a single central light with people believing that would be sufficient. How times change. With the advent of LED lighting coupled with the kitchen becoming the central hub of the home and in part [...]

Preparing for your design brief

Preparing for your design brief   So, you’re about to embark on your interior or even landscape project.  What an exciting and yet stressful time you are going to have! Even before you have decided which designer you are going to engage, you need to prepare for the design brief. This can often affect who you [...]